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The most important businessmen in Argentina also asked Hebea de Bonafini

The refusal of the Bar Association arrived after the previous Thursday, de Bonafini mentioned the inclusion of Taser guns for the security forces announced by the government: "You saw this thing from the rifles that you will use that do not kill, I, because they do not kill, I want you to try them with your daughter Macri, the children of Vidal and the children, grandchildren and relatives Bullrich. "

On the other hand, the president of the mother, Plaza de Mayo, called "Burn the fields of the rich"In this case, Bonafini's anger was associated with an alleged official authorization to use glyphosate in the fields in the province of Buenos Aires.

In this respect Convergence forum He emphasized that he agreed with the statement of the Bar Association and said in a letter that " public promotion of violence and the ignorance of the aforementioned democratic and republican institutions is unacceptable and is a behavior that is punishable by our criminal law. Therefore, the public prosecutor's office needs to analyze this behavior and, if necessary, report to the judiciary.e "

"You can not take a bit or download statements like those published by Hebe de Bonafini. Justice is dependent on circumstances and is timely and in accordance with the powers conferred upon it by the national constitution., concluded the statement of the Business Convergence Forum. This entity consists of several dozen organizations, such as the Argentine Association of direct sowing producers; Argentine Bank Association; Christian Association of Business Managers; Argentinean Business Association; United States Chamber of Commerce in Argentina; Association of Exporting Companies; Business Leaders Association; Stock Exchange; Chamber of contact centers of Argentina; Argentine Chamber of Commerce; Argentinean Chamber of Commerce; Argentine Chamber of Commerce; Brazilian Argentinean Chamber of Commerce; Chilean Argentinean Chamber of Commerce; Italian Chamber of Commerce; Spanish Chamber of Commerce; Chamber of Commerce Franco Argentina; Swedish Chamber of Commerce Argentina; Independent Media Commission; Confederación Empresaria del Transporte; Computer and Communication Chamber: Chamber of Importers; Coninagro; Confederation of the countryside; Regional consortia of agricultural experiments; Corporate chambers; FAA; IDEA; SRA; The Argentine Federation of Services and the UIA.

Two pro-government deputies lodged an appeal against Bonafini

According to the arguments of the Bar Association and the Business Convergence Forum, deputy pro-government deputies María Lucila Lehman in Marcela Campagnoli They filed a complaint for "possible criminal act of incitement to collective violence"

Cancellation of the legislators is connected with other words Bonafinija, who also said on Thursday: "So if we have the courage, we must follow people, burn the fields. When they plan to take a soya, they burn them so that they can not collect anything to gather ash. Let's see if we'll burn some fields if they continue to glyphosate"

"Violence carried out to impose thoughts is not only undemocratic, but from experience we know that it ends in death. Any attempt to reintroduce must be sanctioned", the lawmakers claimed in the complaint.

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