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The lion was reunited with his daughter-in-law and gave him a surprising welcome

February 9, 2019

A video that shows the moment in which humans and animals are seen has quickly switched to the virus in networks.

It is not the first time that the protagonist of audiovisual content, which immediately creates consequences in various digital platforms, is an animal.

In this case, who was responsible for warning users of the Internet who saw the material was no more than less than a lion.

An unusual conversation between a dog and its owner, which became viral

The video was shared by a recognized foundation Black Jaguar White Tiger, that this is about it space created for lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, among other predators, who were saved from people who used to abuse animals.

Eduardo Serio, is the person we see on the pictures born in Mexico, which founded the organization and is designed to accommodate various cats.

"Who is my beauty? Who is the king?" Who is my child?there were phrases that were used by man when he saw the terrible beast that was in his temple with other specimens.

The reaction of the left, awakened by the lion, has become viral in the nets

It is visible on the scene that the lion, large size, approached Eduardo and he lifted one of his legs as if he wanted to obey his master. Finally, after receiving many kisses and affection, the animal decided to return with the others.

On the other hand, the dog went viral when he saw images on the television on which two lions confront each other. That's it the animal was filmed by its owners at a time when they looked at the exact pictures which caused the cybernatus curiosity.

We can see a popular scene through T.V. and when we notice that the cat attacked its female couple, He did not hesitate to show his anger and try "Help" lioness who rested with loud lies, while his tail moved from one side to the other.

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