The information Boca made to Iván Marcone, who is supposed to cover the possible victims of Nandez and Barrios


In Mexico, rumors have changed into information. Iván Marcone Bottle, which Cruz Azulu had already proposed to buy his ticket.

The central midfielder appeared in the Arsenal de Sarandí Quarry, where he was led by Gustavo Alfaro and won three titles (Clausura 2012, Argentina 2012 Super Cup and Argentina Cup 2013), after six months in the Aztec territory where he was transformed into Argentina's one from the personality of his team and gained a lot of shooting.

The Cement machine he invested about $ 4 million to acquire the file of former Lanús, who won the tournament in 2016, the 200-year-old Cup and the Argentine Super Cup (second, Libertadores in 2017).

In Xeneize, waiting for the formalization of the proposals of Nahitan Nandez and Wilmar Barrios, I would bet on Marcone: the Mexican media Write it down messages that he offered $ 8,500,000 and that the operation has progressed.


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