The idea for the God of War DLC was … The Second God of War!


The new update of God of War is causing the Atomix problem

Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful drinks of last year, as far as video games were concerned, was the arrival God of war. Although the content was very good, many fans of the game wanted more and of course pay for more content, but the team Studio Santa Monica from the very beginning, explained that it is a new franchise game I would not have a DLC, but it seems to be It was not always that way.

During a conversation with GameOverGreggy Show on YouTube, the director of the game, Cory Barlog, explained the reasons why the new God of War did not have a DLC. Barlog revealed that he had "really fun" ideas for additional content, but they were "very ambitious" to be produced.

"There were times when I wrote some DLCs in which we said" ok, what if they started later? "So everyone told me it's crazy, it's not a DLC, it's a bit tremendous.

The director used it as an example Uncharted: Lost Legacy explain what he meant by "a little big", It was practically a new game of God of War!

Although it is sad that we do not have more than Kratos in Atreus At the moment, it is very interesting to know that there is much to be said about the new trilogy of the God of War.

Source: GameOverGreggy Show (YouTube)

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