The head of Deportivo Español, who was hospitalized due to an explosion at the stadium, died


Head Spanish sports Agustín Falco that he was badly injured in the explosion that happened last weekend at the stadium died in recent hours, according to the club by official route.

Falco was one of three injured people who left the gas leak explosion while work was carried out by moving three hot water containers. He died on Tuesday José Rincóna gas man who led the work.

"Club Deportivo Español Board deeply regrets that it informs its members, supporters and the general public about death in the early hours of the holder Subcommittee of works our club and the present female football coach Agustín Falco, "the subject reported.

The fateful event took place on Saturday afternoon on the property, located in Asturias Avenue at 2800, in Bajo Flores. Gas leakage flowed in an explosion in a room where three people were affected. Currently, he continues to work Daniel Villarroel, also the leader of "Galleg".

The club decided to set three days of mourning and cessation of activities in the Sports Site.


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