The hard story of a young anorexic who killed: "I'd rather die than eat"


When Ellie Long was 15 years old, she usually threw food through the toilet. Her mother feels that her daughter has not received adequate care.

Ellie Long aged 15 years anorexia and he told his family that he would rather die than eat. It was found that the body of a young woman in her room had no life.

Ellie lived in Wymondham, Norfolk, United Kingdom. For several years she fought against a bad mood. While the death took place on December 12, so far, there have been more details about the tragic event.

Her family believes that the girl did not get adequate medical help to treat her eating disorder and mental problems. The girl was diagnosed in August 2017, anorexia and depression, and prescribed a double dose of Prozac antidepressant without being seen by doctors in person.

The responsible psychiatrist did not even know that she had already demonstrated her suicidal tendencies to leave her note.

Mother's mother EllieNicki Long said that her daughter began to suffer from sleeping problems after losing weight, which led her to self-sufficiency and suicidal thoughts. At first, Nicki thought that her daughter was practicing and eating her food, but later found that she threw breakfast in the enclosure and threw her into school.

The day before she died, it seemed that the girl felt better, but in the afternoon the mother found a cry and Ellie told her that suicide was feared. Nicki Long called the ambulance but was not available. Neither the police wanted to attend the call. The next morning, Ellie did not come for breakfast, and her mom found her in her room.

Ellie was a pretty and intelligent girl. I think that the severity of his illness was not appreciated, " the woman admitted among tears.

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