The government wants the interior to attract immigrants to the Chronicle


The national government is striving to direct migration flows into the provinces requiring special labor services, according to estimates that 666,000 people have settled in the last three years, 83% of them in Buenos Aires. Aires and the first cordon in Buenos Aires.

At the same time, there are several counties in the interior of the country that offer incentives for foreigners settling in their own country to cover all types of work requirements, said the National Director for Migration., Horacio García. "If we continue to talk about the issue of constraints because we do not have a logical and agile system, we miss the speech on the real issue, which is the majority of foreigners who come to good faith in the country," Garcia said this week that she is trying to speed up the expulsion of foreigners who commit crimes in the country.

The official wants to continue the debate and draws attention to the need to steer the growing migration flow into the various provinces of the country. "If the problem of a minority of foreigners who come to commit a crime is not solved, we can not move to this second step, which is directed to the province. And if we do not solve this issue, with a projection of 10 years, Buenos Aires will explode ", t he warned.

The provinces of Neuquén, Río Negro and Chubut have already organized or met with migration and other districts to agree on national incentives for foreigners settling in their territories and concrete labor supply. Doctors, engineers, specialty specialists and staff for fruit and vegetable corridors are some of the activities that these provinces require.


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