The future complication of password sharing for Netflix


Very soon Sharing a password for your Netflix account will be very difficult.

At the CES Technology Fair in Las Vegas, Synamedia's software provider introduced an artificial intelligence system designed to stop the exchange of accounts.

The company said that, according to recent Magida research, this was identifiedApproximately 26% of the millenniums give you passwords for video streaming services such as Netflix, to other people as family or friends.

New software company You can analyze which users are connected and quickly discover shared accounts.

This was also found by other investigations carried out by Parks partners By 2021, the invoicing will amount to $ 9.9 billion of pay-TV revenues and $ 1.2 billion of revenue in OTT services, which is the transfer of content over the Internet.

The company says that the system they created, it can also be used to monitor large losses reduction operations.

The system allows the operator to determine how many users should use a single accountfor example, on family accounts. Then, we can monitor the subscriber database in order to detect possible fraudulent activities.

And according to Synamedia, You can find out where and how the account is used.

This company states The software may determine whether a user uses a streaming service in his or her usual home or at a holiday home, for example.

Jean Marc Racine, CPO Synamedia, said that "Sharing accounts becomes too expensive for contempt."

"Our new solution offers operators the ability to work and solve this problem. Many ordinary users will be happy to pay an additional shared service fee with a larger number of concurrent users, "he concluded.

The company has been sustaining growth since 2012, but with this summit, for the first time, at the end of January 2018, it surpassed the market capitalization of shares of $ 100 billion.

Today, The company is worth more than $ 120 billion.


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