The Federal Reserve surprises the markets with its decision not to raise interest rates for the remainder of the year


The most lively markets. The Fed sent a clear signal that the rate will not increase in the long run. Now we have to check whether world economies are rising. In the meantime, markets celebrate a little secret in pricing. We like it, but it's not even crazy. Do not hurry.

The Federal Reserve expects only another increase in the cost of loans by 2020, but none in the remainder of this year.

There is no longer any need to prevent inflation by restrictive monetary policy.

He also said that in May he would slow down the monthly decline in his government bond portfolio from USD 30,000 million to USD 15,000 million.

It would end its balance in September, provided the conditions of the economy and the money market are developing as expected.

At that time, the profitability of mortgage-backed securities in government bonds would be reinvested to a maximum of $ 20,000 million per month.

The Bank expects unemployment to increase somewhat this year to lower inflation and reduce economic growth.

The two-year treasury bond was 2.396%. While the reference yield for 10 years was set at 2,532%, the dollar stabilized.

Few down. In the rest of the world, the 10-year taxpayer in Germany was also down 0%, Japan -0.07%.

There are more than ten trillion bonds in the world with negative returns.

The decision is positive for the course and the emerging markets.


On Tuesday, the United States and Brazil explained their commitment to creating a new partnership.

The Joint Statement examined a common coincidence in relation to Venezuela. Both drive away Nicolás Madura.

"We are urging members of the Venezuelan army to stop supporting Maduro," Trump said.

"All options are on the table," he added and warned that he could impose "much stricter" sanctions.

Bolsonaro said he had spoken to Trump about how the US soldiers allowed him to be placed near the border with Venezuela.

They also agreed to sell US wheat at a zero rate, the entry of pork from the United States and beef from Brazil.

At the end of the week, President Temer was arrested on allegations of corruption in connection with the Lavajatto case. The response of the Sao Paulo stock market was negative as it decreased by 2%.

DENIM MITICO returns to the wall street

Levi Strauss returns to Wall Street 34 years after Strauss's heir, the Haas family, privatized the company in 1985.

The price of the accommodation was set at 17 dollars.

This foresees the evaluation of the mystical signature of the denim of $ 6,600 million.

Levi has invested a total of 36.7 million shares, which will start trading in New York.

It will have two types of measures, Class A and Class B.

With them, the company raised $ 623 million for strategic investments.

Shares increased by 30% in the initial period.


Google Alphabet Inc. says it will offer a new video streaming service called Stadia.

It seeks to exploit cloud technology and a global network of data centers.

The technology will allow users to use top-notch games in their Internet search engine.

They will not have to wait for the content to be transferred to devices.

With the advent of 5G network technology and its power to use supercomputers, it seeks to attract the biggest video game players.

Industry, which charges more than 125 billion dollars.

In the news, AMD increased by 20% in the news, assuming a lot of cloud-based technologies were used for this device.

AMD would be the Google provider of this new initiative.

Brexit will extend the date of departure in just two weeks.

Compared to market expectations and experts, the United Kingdom only required a two-week extension of the withdrawal agreement from the European Union.

Surprise increases the chance of a hard exit, hard brexit, that means leaving the union without agreement.

Fabian Onetti is president of Winston Capital Advisors, New York, a company that deals with financial advice on international markets for professional investors, family offices and private banking.


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