The dollar today: the currency trades with a slight rise


The dollar is negotiating this Thursday morning $ 38.70 in the Banco NaciĆ³n, with an increase of 20 cents.

The wholesale currency has announced 21 cents $ 37.80.

On Wednesday, the dollar remained stable, in line with a better external climate that has infected Argentine assets.

The wholesale exchange rate closed on Wednesday at $ 37.59 for an intraday decline of 22 cents. The ticket was sold at an average price of 38.62 USD with banks.

On Wednesday, the finance ministry reported that it was restoring 77 percent of Letras in dollars (Letes) that were due this week, setting up these instruments in $ s850 million in nominal terms at a nominal rate of 4.75 percent in 196 days. The recovery rate was above the average of the last months.

On Wednesday, Merval advanced by 0.45%, while Argentine bonds rose in the context of general increases in the world, with tensions between the United States and China.


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