The dollar operates with a slight rise, albeit very close to the ground floor


In the banks and agencies of the city of Buenos Aires,The ticket adds six cents to $ 38.55 relative to the average

In the informal market, blue opera stabilizer for $ 39.75according to a study by the media in the caves in the center of Buenos Aires. Lately, "contado con liqui" fell five cents yesterday to $ 37.46.

Recall that the retail ticket returns on Wednesday to 12 cents on a bicycle where the supply from abroad was predominant.

In this regard, the ticket was monitored wholesale, where the currency fell by 23 cents to $ 37.37 and returned to the flotation zone floor (today $ 37.355). Such a situation could trigger intervention if it was destroyed BCRA selling up to $ 50 million a day.

In the meantime, the ground in the area without mediation, which was set by the central bank for this Thursday, was $ 37,355, and the upper limit was $ 48,342.

Monetary power is set up during Wednesday's round Liquidity (& # 39; Leliq & # 39;) for 155,303 million USD with an average annual rate of 58,782% for seven days (yesterday it ended at 58,80%). The highest allocated rate was 58.987% and the lowest was 58%.

Finally, Reserves of the central bank On Wednesday, they rose by $ 127 million to $ 65,944 million.


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