Saturday , July 24 2021

The Débore Pérez Volpin family asked the court to announce the date of the start of the trial against doctors

Carlos Bruniard, a criminal and corrective judge in Buenos Aires, closed the investigation on the death of Débora Pérez Volpin on September 20, but the oral criminal court (OCD) has not yet fixed the date of the oral hearing. Now, one year after the departure of a journalist and lawmaker from Buenos Aires, her family demanded that TOC once and for all announce the day and the time in which endoscopist Ariel Bialolenkier and anesthetist Nélida Inés Puente should sit in the defendant.

Diego Pirot, a family lawyer, explained in The night in Mirtha: "Since November, we are waiting for the court to determine the date of the trial, but this led to a defensive test that was tightened. "

"We should start the trial because all the evidence was submitted, however." the cause is paralyzed"The lawyer insisted." The Trojan sanatorium has not yet explained what happened, "he recalled.

When the TOC determines the date, the bialolenkier endoscope and an anesthetist of the bridge will face trial "guilty of murder" and could condemn them up 5 years of imprisonment and 10 years of postponement of entry.

Enrique Sacco, a seven-year-old couple from Débora, said: "It came healthy, the study had a risk of 0.04%, but it happened that everyone has the right to defend themselves, but as a family we need to know, responsibility and society in many respects needs justice. "

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