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"The British robbed us of the Falkland Islands and took vengeance …", destroyed Cinthia Fernandez

Everything has lights and shadows and it seems to be a choreography Cinthia Fernandez and Gonzalo Gerber in the eleventh rhythm Dance in 2018 she had two spices. The jury of the dance competition was delighted with the pensions of former Malvin fighters, winning 27 points, the second highest score, and retiring from the Marcelo Tinella program with a smile on his face, but critics went through social networks.

At the time of the review, the viewers were the deepest, inexperienced, noticed that the choreography presented by Cinthia was equivalent to the Got Talent of Britain and did not miss the opportunity and liquidated it on social networks. "The British stole Malvinas and Cinthia Fernandez revengeed theft choreography "," already heavy, boring …, full of plagiarism and asking for forgiveness "," those from high plagiarism in Carinthia "," they will have to separate punctuation from those who deal with the plagiarist "and" Cinthia Fernandez's plagiarism gift … "there were some comments on the Twitter lapidaries.

Cinthia Fernandez

The truth is that the participant has already suffered a similar charge on the other of his presentations, and on this occasion the jury did not speak about this, achieved exclusively his performance and the result left the next step of the latest Marcelo Tinelli programs since the end of the 2018 approach.

On the other hand, Fernandez said that this year he tried to move away from scandals and conflicts, but his goal was not achieved because he was recently involved in several clashes, the one who is most disappointed is played with Marcelo Polino. The participant and the jury said everything, and the journalist strongly complained. "You're almost ignorant, you've finished elementary school on your hands," said a driver of expert workshops.

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