The BCRA has maintained a gradual bearish bias for the reference interest rate


The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic carried out a regular liquidity-day auction (LELIQ) within 7 days, with the assigned amount 155,303 million dollarscompared with a maturity of 130,436 million pesos.

By installing BCRA contracted approximately 23,100 million US dollars, discounted interest payment for the maturity of the day.

The money unit is validated a average reduction rate 58,782% annually, with a maximum allowable rate of 58,997% and a minimum estimated rate of 58%.

"There was a new bear retouching of LELIQ." encouraging the re-portfoliation of portfolios with dollarization his possessions, "he said Gustavo Quintana, operator PR Corredores de Cambio.

IERAL Report. T Mediterranean Foundation stated that the forecast for the current year is a great uncertainty, in particular in cases inflation and dollar"

"At the moment a solid monetary policy with low credibility, which means. t difficulties in reducing the inflation rate and expectations of devaluation, despite the high levels interests, "added the report by economists Jorge Day and Mariano Devita.


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