The "Bailando 2018" polifinalists are already defined


In the "Bailando 2018", "ShowMatch" (El Trece) last night, four semi-finals of the competition were defined. They did this in a tango round, which represented the luxury opening: Mora Godoy and his company danced on the track.

After opening Morgan Godoy, six couples who were still in the race created their choreographies: Jimena Barón and Mauro Caiazza, Diego Ramos and Lourdes Sánchez, Mica Viciconte and Nacho Saraceni, Sofi Mornadi and Julian Serrano, Cinthia Fernández and Gonzalo Gerber, Mery Del Cerro and Facundo Mazzei.

After this duel, the jury chose two couples, while others voted for the public. The jury won the semifinals in the following pairs: Jimena Barón with Mauro Caiazzo and Sofi Morandi with Julián Serrano.

On the other hand, the public (with 30.36 percent of votes) chose Mico Viciconte with Nacho Saraceni and Mery Del Cerro with Facundo Mazzei (27.32 percent of votes).

So there were two eliminated pairs: Diego Ramos with Lourdes Sánchez and Cinthia Fernández with Gonzal Gerber.

As usual in "dancing", in the presence of the writer, Marcelo Tinelli took the sealed envelopes with the names of four pairs to know how they will cross into the semi-finals.

The result was as follows: on Monday, Mica Viciconte and Nacho Saraceni will face Sofi Morandi and Julián Serrano; on Tuesday, Jimena Barón and Mauro Caiazza will measure forces against Mery Del Cerro and Facu Mazzei. And on Thursday, the grand finale and the closing of the 2018 season "ShowMatch" will come.


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