The anti-influenza vaccination campaign takes place throughout the country



On Wednesday, April 10th, a campaign on vaccination against influenza was launched at Montevideo's esplanade.

Participants: Interim Minister of Public Health, Jorge Quian; the municipality of Montevideo and the representative of PAHO / WHO, Giovanni Escalante.

Quian has called residents to immunizate, especially health care staff, small children, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases and older adults.

The State Secretary stressed the importance of this year that 600,000 doses obtained through the Revolutionary PAHO Fund arrived earlier than in previous years, as it is "important to be immunized prior to the arrival of cold days while not circulating the virus".

It is important to vaccinate every year because the development of antibodies is not enough for all viral strains.

There is no cost for the vaccine and no prescription.

There are 400 public and private vaccinations in which residents can take part in Uruguay.

Public health invested $ 2 million in the purchase of these doses.

Recommended for:

Public health recommends immunization:

Pregnant women (at any stage of pregnancy).

Women in the first six months after childbirth (vaccination of maternity wards before dismissal is encouraged).

Health personnel (including students from all areas and carers or followers of the sick).

Children aged 6 to 4 years, including children.

People aged 65 and over.

Personnel of essential services (police, firefighters and military).

Staff of poultry and poultry farms.

People five years old and older with chronic illness.

Contraindicated for:

On the other hand, the vaccine is contraindicated in children less than 6 months of age and people with proven allergy to the egg or to any of the constituents of the vaccine.


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