The "advanced" feature is very demanding


WhatsApp continues with the changes and now has another folder, in this case the long-awaited feature: search in "advanced" mode and with many improvements, which will surely be reflected in the next update.

It is important to note that this is not yet active for development and improvement reasons, except for test users who evaluate the changes. Meanwhile, the application continues to develop dark way (for iOS and Android) and other features to improve the app.

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In the meantime, if you use the Search feature every day to search for messages text and chats, the new advanced search method is almost complete and, as you can understand by reading its name, the development of the current search feature is foreseen by the specialized website.

The new Advanced Search feature allows you to search for multiple message types. You can search for photos, Gifs, videos, documents, links and sound. This screen tells you how many files are stored in the memory WhatsApp.

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A new advanced search feature is also displayed search history (which can be easily deleted by "Delete"). And if you touch a multimedia file, such as Photos, WhatsApp will show all the messages that contain the image.



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