Thursday , July 29 2021

"That's the only real thing" Credit for Deputy Lehman

The UVA mortgage loan, approved by the Banco Nación resolution, to National Member Lucili Lehmann, has become controversial. El Litoral reported that on December 11, at Banco Nación's headquarters in Santa Fe, it was informed that a loan had been granted, even though "even a legislator who is very close to Elisa Carrió or her husband does not meet certain basic requirements to be eligible under this national program: they do not have a fixed income because they have political positions, they do not pay as self-employed and also have big debts in a private bank. "" This happens when we condemned Governor Miguel Lifschitz and the Minister of Infrastructure for breach of duty because there were no projects that would lead to the landscape being underwater, "Lehman wrote in his Twitter account. Lehmann explained that" the only real thing about getting a loan is not true that I do not have a fixed income, because I always had them. "

The littoral public realized that "beyond exceptional circumstances in a resolution that is very rarely approved", what "is in itself surprising" that the loan was granted when the credit rating of the debtor's deputy is impossible. The ZonaCrítica portal also came to the same conclusion: "Level 5 status means that the debtor is irrecoverable and discourages it from being approved." In this case, Lehmann and her husband, Luciano Bugallo Di Prinzio, received just over 3,700,000 UVA home purchase dollars, estimated at $ 5,370,000, but acquired at $ 5 million. The established payment time is 30 years.

According to the facsimile shown here, the central debtor of the BCRA was BBVA with BBVA Banco Francés SA, which was in "position 1", that is, "normal" and described as "a delay in payment not exceeding 31 days ". On the other hand, it has been classified by Creditia Fideicomiso Financiero as "position 5", which is marked by an "irrecoverable" rating and corresponds to "overdue for more than one year" on repayment.

"I am an expert, I'm working my whole life, now I have a position when I leave the position, I will continue to pursue a profession with which the bank is what is fixed, that there is a periodicity of income that ensures collection. The useless debts do not have any bank. it concerns all past debts, everything that I had was solved months ago, as every citizen does, and there were no more than 6000 pesos for a card that was not written off, as already determined.

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