Tense the fight between Connie Ansaldi and Nicole Neumann in "Cortá por Lozano"


Talk about it care it became in a spicy intersection between Nicole Neumann and Connie Ansaldi v Cortá z Lozano. It began with a delay in using the word and soon it was transformed into a bill that talks about a deeper fight between the companies.

Connie, who is about to leave the cycle, to continue her career as a social media expert, raised her voice to clarify her position on the subject over-exposure of young people in networks. The panelist never shows her son Vicente in her accounts, and for her, this is the key to creating a child's news about his right to privacy.

"How will the children have limitations if their parents will be shown on social networks after they are born?" The boy grows up and is born with reducing the right to privacy, if the father shows when he … when he was born when the cord rope hangs, he first walked. So, he fucked up if your boy, at age 12, is in a body that shows his boobs, because that will happen to you. "

Nicole obviously felt the touch, as her three daughters, Sienna, Allegra and Indiana, are almost stars in their social networks. Young people appear in magazines and all events in their lives (baptism, birthday) They appeared in the media. Then the model had a very different contribution: "Sometimes it's about sex education, at home or at school; my daughters do not let them see them or their cousins, they have a clear idea of ​​their intimacy."

Connie believed that Nicole's words were interrupted and remained firm. But the model insists on experiencing with its daughters. "They come out in networks and do not live what you say," he persuaded. The next expansider launched the shelves: "I devoted myself to this. Let me finish, you're always doing the same to me", convicted, and discomfort in the panel was already apparent.

The driver, Veronica Lozano, intervened with the shy but sharp "girls …". Nicole did not bother to hide her tireless face.


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