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SpaceX is already the world's leading manufacturer of rocket technology for reusable use, proving its ability to re-launch and re-use rockets in the name of cost-saving and comfort. However, the company is still trying to refine its technique when it comes to catching potentially reusable nose sitting on the top of its fancy rockets, and still flowing into barriers.

In the new video of the recent test, "Mr. Steven's network, equipped with a grid, is seen to try to grab a suit that fell from the helicopter. As you will see from the clip, it's not as simple as it seems.

The helicopter transmits the formwork to the elevated height and then releases it, simulating what would happen if the garment actually fell from the edge of the space after it was dropped from the real rocket. The glider is expanding, as planned, then it is on board to position itself and catch the price component when it falls.

In this test, the ship barely missed its seal, as it seems to have missed a smoothness with only feet when the rocket part slowly descends to its resting place on the surface of the ocean. The network used by Mr. Steven is actually about four times larger than the one originally worn by the ship, and SpaceX hoped that an additional reach would be enough to make the process easier.

The company has tried a number of things to facilitate maneuvering the catch, including the upgrade of the parachute, to prevent its destruction from descending and further slowing down. None of these things matter if the ship can not get the right position, but this type of experiments and mistakes that SpaceX seems to enjoy.

The company has failed in failure and failed to celebrate the defects that ultimately lead to success. In the end they will find out.

Image Source: Terry Renna / AP / REX / Shutterstock


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