Saturday , July 24 2021

Spotify deletes free accounts that block ads

The world's most popular music listening platform, Spotify, updated the terms of use and found it necessary to prohibit the use of applications that block ads in free accounts.

In this way, according to a new signature definition, anyone who uses any application called "ad blocker" to skip advertising is either interrupted or even blocked. This also happens with the creators of these applications.

At the moment, the service is already implementing important measures to limit ad blockers, as the Spotify representative revealed in a report released by DigiDay in August that the company has several measures to detect the use of the service. and the detection, investigation and treatment of artificial manipulation in reproductive activities.

In this regard, according to the company's data, approximately 2 million free users have classified ads with apps and changed accounts. Since then, Spotify has begun to implement aggressive measures by disabling accounts as soon as any abnormal activity is detected.

The first email alerts were sent with the option to reactivate the accounts after removal of the ad blocking software. However, in some cases, the problem is still present and the company decided to terminate the account.

In the meantime, the announced new terms of use will enter into force on March 1, and from this moment Spotify will be authorized to immediately cancel the invoices without prior notice.

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