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Spanish scientists discover a new "supertierro" with water

January 11, 2019 – Spanish scientists have discovered an exoplanet of the type of super-Earth. Its radius is 2.1 times larger than our country. It can have running water, which is a necessary condition for living there, as we know it.


Researchers from the University of Oviedo (North) and the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (the Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic) have discovered data from the Kepler Space Telescope, which was designed to detect exoplanets using the "transit" method. when the planet passes over its star and absorbs a part of the star.

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Exoplanet, called K2-286b, is outside the solar system and circles around the red star, which is the most abundant in the galaxy and slightly smaller than the Sun.

The planet has an orbital period of 27.36 days and a steady temperature of about 60 ° C.

"We have checked that the activity of a star is moderate in comparison with other star-like characteristics that would increase the possibility of a planet being able to live," says Javier de Cos.

And this is that the planet is inside the border of the residence area, so that under suitable conditions it can maintain running water on its surface, an indispensable condition for the development of life, as we know it.

K2-286b is of particular importance not only because it is located in the zone of the habitat of its star, but because it is among the most suitable for atmospheric characterization with the future space telescope James Webb, as well as for further monitoring from the ground to the determination of its area. Mass accurately, explains the statement of the University of Oviedo.

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