Solari continues with VAR between the eyebrows: "These are not complaints, but defense"


Real Madrid, the team under the leadership Santiago Solari, get this Wednesday from 17.30 Legans, submitted by Mauricio Pellegrino, for the first round of the 16th round Copa del Rey. But at a previous press conference, the Argentine technical director again appealed over the application VAR that he did not perceive penalty goalkeeper Gernimo Rulli against striker Vinicius in the defeat of Real Sociedad in the Spanish league last weekend.

"The rules need to be clear, to know what they are, to facilitate their understanding. It seems to me, as an observer, that there are things I do not understand. This is something new and it will take time to complete it. They are not complaints, but they defend themselves. And this is a legitimate right", he analyzed" Indiecito ", which he visibly disturbed with dedicating himself to VAR's presentation of the Copa del Rey.

And I continue to the team goal in this competition: "But, the same meaning that is given by all competitions. We will start winning from minute 1, we will have to make a tie, similar to the one we made against Melilla. The poker is very nice, we have to face the attention that the first minute of the game deserves, we make our autoportrait and we have to be more resolute in the last third of the game.

On the other hand, the 42-year-old technician returned to rely on what he thinks is the leader of the replacement bench Merengue:This job is wonderful. Great honor, privilege in every function. And I see the same dedication to all who make up the club. For example, gardeners. It's exciting As players have the same dedication, you just need to see the fields, the Valdebebas Road … ".

According to the White House's motivation to return to the Champions League, which will be the fourth in a row, Solari said: "We are working hard to give all our energy to all parties. We'll find the address. It is important that we begin to focus on each competition. "And I added about the potential employment on the European market of winter passes:" It is not my responsibility to explain the policy of transferring the club. We are who we are and we are trying to improve"

Finally, "Indiecito" spoke about Luka Modric's criticism of the lazy moment in Madrid: "I also heard other things, which Luka said was very elegant inside and outside the field, so Baln de Oro. We all assume that we Real Madrid, sorry for Luke, that in his statements there was an outbreak that he was not his first language, he agreed here. It is true what he said about what we need to be more precise and more focused at the start of the matches"


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