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Slightly Mad has changed the design of the Mad Box console

Although the upcoming future of consoles and their viability at this moment is unreliable, Slightly Mad Studios, which is known for this Project CARSsurprised the locals and strangers by revealing their intention to enter this sector by presenting Mad Box, a console that boasts its performance and which, according to the company, is the strongest one it has ever created. After reviewing the design proposals, the players were not satisfied and the criticism did not wait, but the response was immediate and recently a new concept of the console was presented.

With the release in his official Twitter account, Ian Bell, director of Slightly Mad, introduced the new concept of the Mad Box console after responding to community criticisms and suggestions. The new proposal Bella shows a piece of hardware with a blend of black and blue and a smaller shape, but without neglecting futuristic touches. Also on the front will be a screen that will show the user what is being played, be it a video game, a song or a series on the distribution platform, an action that will change the colors and shape shown on the front panel of the console

Another advantage that Slightly Mad emphasized for the new Mad Box design is its ability to place it vertically or even on the wall. In this sense, the suggestion is that, regardless of the situation in which it is located, it is pleasant to the eye.

What do you think of the new Mad Box concept?

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