Silvia Süller marked Jimeno Baron as a catfish


Silvia Süller again became news, thanks to the rampage Jimena Barón It seems to have challenged him when he used the image of the media as a "meme".

It turned out that the baron went through the hairdresser and then published a joke on social networks: "I came from the hair when I decided to make a better chestnut", was written by a singer next to Silvie Süller's photo. But the joke went wrong and caused a strong reaction of the media.

"Why do not you close the top and the ortho? With this face of the fragrant shit you have, anus dilated, you can not even have the authority to talk about me … 32 years of trajectory! Will you get a hollow?" the former Silvio Soldan began to speak.

But that was not all, Süller began to slander offensive comments about the physical changes of the actress and some "heaters" Jimene helped Guido's sister with the photos, while other users criticized the blonde she wanted to keep. subgroup of dance.



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