Shiny condoms change the color if you detect the disease


Mexico CityTraffic lights from connoisseurs have caused discomfort in the networks, as these condoms manifestly change the color of the disease you are experiencing when you have sex and can detect up to 4 sexually transmitted diseases.

Students from the Isaac Newton Academic School in London were created by S.T. EYE are the creators of this particular method of sexual protection where the molecule can get a special tone when you attach the virus.

Students Muaz Nawaz, Daanyaal Ali and Chirag Shah are mentors of this project, an innovation in the ETS world., ensure that this semaphore condom changes the color, depending on the illness you have, you can even discover herpes, according to information from the Chronicle.

The process starts when the moment you have a relationship, the condom can change the color according to what the disease is. This is a warning for timely detection of the disease and their resolution with appropriate treatment.

These special condoms distributed by the municipal authorities for free. Illustrative image Photo: EFE

List of colors with appropriate ET

Latex will turn green if it had friction with chlamydia, yellow with herpes, blue for syphilis and violet against HPV (human papillomavirus), responsible for cancer on the cervix, anus and penis among other diseases. .


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