She kidnapped the girl, abused her in the field and was arrested


On Thursday morning, the fourth police station in Concordia, Entre Ríos, took alarm and concern. Before the police, he said that he left the house for a few minutes and when he returned, the child was more there.

This happened around 7 in the morning. Mother was absent to take food to her partner who was waiting in her home, a few streets from the place.

"When he returned, he found the door in the house open and the lights were turned off, one of his daughters was missing and he saw the man who was leaving, took the girl and started hunting. believes that prosecutor Germán Dri, who is responsible for the investigation, told the local media.

A search, which involved more than 100 people and specialized dogs from various local police areas, began immediately. Finally, they were found almost three hours later in the nearby open field.

"As police officers found, the girl had underwear, but the subject was not," Dri said. In the absence of the realization of the Gesell Chamber to confirm possible abuse, the forensic doctor saw it and found that there were some injuries, "added the prosecutor for the health of the girl.

While a man was arrested and charged in a case described as "an aggravated abduction in genuine competition by sexual abuse with physical access."

The man was identified with the surname Gómez, aged 39 years. He is not a neighbor in a neighborhood and is not born in the city, but "he was previously in this area, but he did not live there, he was in Concordia a few months ago," revealed Dri.

According to fiscal coordinator José Costa, Gómez has misused history. It was condemned by the Federal Chamber of Commerce of Mercedes in Corrientes. He closed five and a half years and left in February 2017. While the investigation continues, Dri said that "due to the elements we have, we will certainly apply for pre-trial detention".


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