She confessed her love to her best friend on the plane and is now searching for her everywhere


When she traveled by plane, a woman acknowledged her love for her best friend. He wrote a note to her, but left her in the pocket of one of the seats.

The young woman is called Andrea, and she is a 21-year-old girl. She wrote a note in a plane during a flight from Miami to Washington D.C. In her, she admits she's in love with her best friend. A statement was found by the person responsible for cleaning the aircraft. When they read it, it was decided to publish it on the networks so that a young woman could tell her if love wins.

"Yesterday, I bought a ticket at 4:00 am because I am very in love with my best friend. He was flying from Boston to New Orleans and stopped at DC. I actually live in DC, but I soon traveled, so I thought why he would not be surprised at the airport during the stop? I'll tell him that I'm in love with him, "recognition begins.

V plane, the lover tells how he intends to surprise his best friend and reveal his secret. The deaths caused by curiosity launched the campaign to find Andrea. Everyone wants to find the outcome of a story that was written in a garbage bag.

"Bold movement, right?" But look, in four days I'm going to Australia for the semester and I will not see it within five months. So this is the last opportunity I have. I really do not know what to say, but I will do it. Why not? I mean, I'm leaving, so who cares? I do not know Give me luck, whoever you are. ", Concludes.

The person who found the note shared the photos and announced to the girl that everything was fine as she expected.

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