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Shadow Tomb Raider already has a demo on PS4, Xbox One and PC

I played Tomb Raider from 1 to psx, and I do not understand something about people who defend Tomb Raider as a "return to the first" or less "innumerable". Maybe I'm lost or I've been wrong with my Tomb Raider or not, but from my point of view, this is the last meal of desire and I can not continue and reminds me of the old Tomb Raider. For me, this game presents more shadows than lights and explains why:

NPCs and many secondary shame and damage how little is curl (lots of animations are dogs) and a game like Tomb Raider, which is "almost pasillero". I do not understand how at this generation's height this type of NPC is present when global games are open, which has secondary characters and the NPC is very accessible and cured. Does this great thing out of the story, and takes away the credibility of the environment and the environment in which we worked.

Animations were recycled and something completely worse than the previous games of this trilogy. Animations of this Tomb Raider from Lara, which I notice a lot below those raised by Rise, and some also if they want to improve or change them (I hate to read, when you circle a document, a treasure or a monolith, makes dodge that strange Gollum seems, I do not know, they can improve this and they prevent me from this when you cancel these things). And not just animation, but control over Lara, I notice a more rough, less fluid, more priceless. There are many moments that the game goes through the lining in the jumps that you press squarely to use the ice ax, the moments when everything is very difficult. Yes, it is true that in this meal the jumps are less distributed and now they need more precision, handling and control, but I notice that Lara is unpleasant to manage than in the previous two.

History: Very very very, very loose, of the three that were presented with this re-launch, the one that has the smallest and the toughest I have. Look, Rise is a little smoky, but this is completely lost from my point of view. They sold me this trilogy as Lara Croft's re-launch, how it will become the Tomb Raider, which must be, and that it must be that we will see all the transformation of Lara, its path, its maturity, etc. And finally, I did not see anything. And this should be the closure of the saga, the culmination, the super, and show us Lara, which we all know, gives us blows in the eggs and fingers. Lara gives us more than the same thing from Rise, just, barely without motivation, and even in some "stupid" moments when Lara always saw them come, but they certainly follow her instinct. They want to sell more visceral Lara Croft, but it's not at all. They did not take advantage of the ideas they proposed with this trilogo, and everything went from more to less.

And yes, I am very disappointed with this trilogy, how they took these three games and how they deal with the image of Lara. And no, I do not even see that this is more Tomb Raider or a return to the first, just because they added even more graves (this is very nice, many challenges, but very repetitive and almost without incentive). I do not know if I'm playing another Tomb Raider or not, but for me Tomb Raider is not just summarized in the tombs and I explain:

For me, Tomb Raider has always been a mix of platforms, "campaigns" (I quoted them in quotations and explained why), puzzles and research. What do I mean by the lawsuit? It's so simple, how many of us did not like you to get two ups and go against enemies, jaguars, leopards, etc.? How many of us did we not enjoy in getting the eagle in the desert? Even slaughter scorpions with two pistols in The Last Revelations.
Tomb Raider always had part of the action and shots (a blessed trick to have all the weapons in TR II, III and IV), to kill Pier and Larson, to deal with Seth, performing in a motorcycle in the last revelation, get a telescopic view, they were part Fun Tomb Raider (first). Lara, coated with leather in TR III and V, with MP5, was organismic. And what did they do? Not only did they remove their symbolic pistols, they did not return with the closure of this new trilogy (two pistols are Lara's identity), but we also changed them for two ice axes and a cursed arch, but that's to hate, because in every game let's put a sack for everything that seems like hunger games). She turned her current Lara into an experiment with Katniss on white games of light games.

Then the vehicles, the second thing that was loaded and were part of the core of the Tomb Raider, the boats in TR II, the fourth TR III, the motorcycle, and here in this new saga, we did not catch anything, 0 vehicles. I am the only one who likes to like this quadrilateral on area 51 on TR III? Did they not return to Lara?

Neglede and bosses. God is that they have references like Von Croy, Seth, Natla and could not offer us a boss in the conditions in these three games. I laugh at the three. Also, TR V is a headless hobby on the top of the "pseudospector" that they tried to put right now. Without top-level confrontation (fighting Seth in the pyramid, while solving leverage, confrontation with T-Rex, etc.).

It is very sad that this reboot has not only been wasted, but as above, the most characteristic things of the saga have been eliminated. And yes, I can not help feeling like a stroke in the stomach every time I read that this shadow of Tomb Raider is misinterpreted because it is closest to the old ones. I'm sorry, but I'm not buying this argument. The Angel Theme was also more revolutionary when trying out darker and more adult stories and more was Tomb Raider than all this trilogy together. They had a great opportunity to do a great saga to explain De Lara's transformation to get closer to the character and see how it became Tomb Raider, which we all know, and eventually ran out of the bellows and was white Nathan Drake. …

I feel the impact of the text, but I needed to breathe xD because I am very angry and disappointed with this course, and I see that the first and the Rise that I like ", but with this shadow, I was sorry that I He took me and gave birth to me as an oyster

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