Severe storm caused severe floods in Resistencia and Corrientes – 01/09/2019


Resistance and currents the main cities of Litoral hit a temporarily which was developed after Tuesday 19th and promises to continue with high intensity.

Strong electrical activity, winds and abundant rain they left places under water: they almost fell 160 millimeters in less than two hours which completely flooded the main arteries of the city and its surroundings.

The neighbors were surprised by the amount of water that fell in such a short time and this unexpectedly entered several homes.

Jorge Núñez, Undersecretary for Civil Defense Resistencia, alerted to the dialogue TN that "160 millimeters of water fell in 80 minutes, of which more than 100 fell in 40 minutes". As a "disaster" he described the situation "never seen in the city".

In addition, he asked neighbors to "not leave their homes," because "there is a power station." He added that the southernmost part of the city is the most affected.

Orlando Bertoni, head of the Civil Defense Force, added: "The most affected is the capital city of Corrientes Capital, we have 100 millimeters of water drop, many neighborhoods have been soaked and fallen, trees and electric lines."

The official explained that the storm hit the "northern area to the center" and added that "we have not evacuated so far, but almost all the neighborhoods that were flooded by a large amount of water within two hours that flooded the capital".

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) announced isolated storms and an abundance of water drops in a short time. Warning remains by Thursday.


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