Seven Google Maps features for tourists that you did not know existed – 24/03/2019


After more than a decade of existence, t Google Maps has become a service that we use very often. Although we use it for most of the time tracking a particular route when we walk or ride, or simply check it out to see the details of the streets, some buildings or places that we never visited in the satellite view from Street View. Hides other features that many do not know.

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Do we use an application from a mobile phone or from a computer, we have several complementary, practical and curious features. For example, perhaps you did not know that you can organize excursions with stops on the go, Distance measurement in a straight line between two points or Do not forget where you left the parked car.

How to measure the distance between multiple points

Sometimes we come to a city we did not know and moved around the map we have no references as to what distance can be between one place and another. In this case, Google Maps has a route measurement tool. Simply place your computer from a computer at a specific location on the mapand by pressing the right mouse button, a menu appears with the measurement function. The mobile phone can be accessed by marking the red city and then click on the name of this site.

Save the place where we park

How many times will we get to the place, leave the parking lot and then we do not know where it is? For this, Google Maps has a special feature. When we want to save the location just once we have to press the blue dot that indicates our current position. A menu with a tab says: "Save the parked car location" (most versions are available in Spanish). So we will not be lost.

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Add stopovers when planning a trip

It is useful if we organize a trip from one point to the next and we want to have a cool place where we have to stop, either for rest or for any other reason. It is better to make room in advance so that we will not have uncertainty about when we will find the right place. After determining the starting point and the target point, In the main menu, we can add a stop.


The "Google Maps" moto mode lets you find more convenient travel routes. (Archive)

Contacting the Google Maps team can be very useful

You can Notify a website that does not appear on the map, request that we delete some private information that appears in Street View, or send some photos and information from one corner a planet that Google has not yet accessed. This is a slow process, but in the Google Maps app there are some tabs where the form we will complete depending on the information to be sent.

Access the history of my visited places

Google Maps save the history of the trips we've made. For some, this may seem very practical, but for others it may seem that Google has all this information. To access these data, the tab is located in the main menu "your chronology". We can access the calendar where we select a certain day, He will show us the way on the map of all the places where we were. If we do this from your computer, the chronology options for the locations will increase.

The section of the route in which it's complicated to travel is listed on Google Maps. (Archive)

The section of the route in which it's complicated to travel is listed on Google Maps. (Archive)

Search for flights

Regarding air transport, choose between two places that have direct flights in the sidebar Google Maps will show us all information about it: the number of direct flights per day, the prices of return trips, companies that fly, etc. All this information is in the "View Google Years Results" link.

Save the map so you can use it later without an internet connection

This option is very practical, especially If you run out of mobile phone data or travel abroad. It is very easy to use, in the main menu we have a tab "offline maps". On the map we select the area and enlarge or increase until we reach part of the space according to what we need. Thanks to this feature, we are not dependent on our data connection. This, depending on the complexity of the map, can take a lot of memory in the mobile phone.

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