Sergio Denisa moves to Buenos Aires


Medical teams are transporting Sergia Denisa by plane from Tucumán to Buenos Aires to continue her rehabilitation. The singer was hospitalized in intensive therapy since falling in the theater a month ago, causing severe brain and thoracic injuries.

In his interview, Denis's brother Carlos Hoffmann predicted that the evolution of the singer was good and hoped that within a few days he would be "ready" to continue neurological rehabilitation in the federal capital.

According to the latest medical report, the 70-year composer and singer "continues with mechanical ventilation without sedation and insists on critical state of moderate severity"As the director of the hospital, where she was hospitalized, Olga Fernández, the popular artist answered his questions with his eyes. "There is no heat and its white blood cells are normal," he added.

It's still too early to talk about a doctor:A period of rehabilitation is coming to determine how it will look"

Denis had more fractures. when on March 11, he fell from a height of three meters to the orchestral cave of the Mercedes Sosa Theater in the capital Tucumán, while the song was a song"I call you to say goodbye", the fourth theme of a recital organized by the Association of Health Workers in Argentina (ATSA) for its Women's Women's Branch.

Official statement

The Padilla Hospital's address states that on the day the patient was transferred to the city of Buenos Aires to continue treatment and neurological rehabilitation.

The procedure was coordinated between the intensive care staff 1 of this institution and the air conveyor without complications.

The patient was stable, with controlled vital parameters.

His immediate relatives were always present.


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