selective isolation to control outbreaks


Minister of Health Chubuta Adrián Pizzi told a news conference in Casa de Gobierno in Rawson on Wednesday that the provincial government will take steps to strengthen the "main strategy we have to reduce the chanavirus outbreak chain in Epuyen: " t Selective isolation of contacts from positive or suspect cases, which is the only option we need to anticipate and that people do not get infected anymore ".


Minister Adrián Pizzi said that "in today's work (Wednesday), the Ministry of Health confirms the death of 3 people, adolescents and two women aged 30 and 31, two locals from the town of Epuyén and one of Trevelin towns and with a clear epidemiological link with the outbreak of Hantavirus Epuyen ", with which the total number of cases confirmed by this case is 24, and the number of deceased persons is 9.


"Given this situation, we will implement all the measures that we must take to strengthen what was proposed as the main strategy that we need to reduce the transmission chain of the outbreak of hantavirus in Epuyénu: selective isolation of contacts between positive or suspect cases, which is the only option that we must anticipate and that people do not get infected anymore, explained the head of the regional health portfolio.

On the other hand, the Minister of the Government, Federico Massoni, confirmed that he maintained communication with the Minister for National Security on Wednesday, Patricia Bullrich, so that all security forces (gendarmerie, prefectures and police) cooperate, "be trained and told everyone what kind of safety measures they need to take in order to reduce this disease and not spread"

"We will have more staff, train staff and we will have a strong presence in the region (Andean countries)", he confirmed.


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