Sunday , August 1 2021

Scientists intend to build space bases inside asteroids to extract their minerals

A group of researchers from the University of Vienna (Austria) suggests building spatial bases within asteroids with a determined gravity plant to dig out their minerals and send them to Earth, according to research published last December in the research portal ResearchGate.

"If we find an asteroid that is sufficiently stable, we may not need aluminum walls, it is possible that use the entire asteroid as a space station"The main researcher, Thomas Maindl, told New Scientist on Monday, and the Austrian scientist emphasizes that it is imperative to find an asteroid made of solid rock and rotate from one to three times a minute, creating a simulated weight that would be approximately 38% of the surface of our planet, much like Mars.

A future project

On the other hand, Maindl explained that other factors hinder the peak of the project, which he believes has erased the boundaries between science and science fiction, which he believes will "happen at least 20 years before any asteroid is acquired".

In 2016, the NASA investigation estimated that it was enough rich minerals in space rocks to give each inhabitant of the Earth 100,000 million dollars. In addition, the asteroids minerals could provide essential resources so that long-term space missions could be built or re-charged with fuel at full swing.

In any case, the main problem encountered by researchers in developing such a company is the severity, since most of the technology they have does not work hard. Therefore, a new finding can make important progress for the future of science.

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