Scientists accuse Bariloche of manipulating information about Rafael Nahuel's death – 01/10/2019


Salta public prosecutors condemned this Bariloche Atomic Center They hid key information for the investigation carried out by the federal justice department for the death of Rafael Nahuel, who died in Mascari in 2017 during a pre-surgery operation.

The report states that experts hid in one of their reports, which a young man had remains of the smack in the hands.

Clarin consented to the reserved document in which the Forensic Engineering and Chemistry Service (CIF) was established. t Public Ministry Salta, accuses experts Material Characterization Department (from the center of Bariloche) manipulated the delivery of data so that he was not properly informed of the presence of fulminant on the edges of Nahuel.

The dust particles were perceived experts from the Center for Atomic Energy "Not notified", concluded Salta.

The existence of a fulminant salary for the official version of the Albatros group that it existed on November 25, 2017 armed conflict in the upper part of the estate, the product of which the young man died.

In his resolution yesterday, in which treated five albatrosses and Mapuches Lautaro González and Fausto Jones Huala, who meet fugitivesFederal Judge Bariloche Leonidas Moldes emphasizes the fact that, in the opinion of the judicial sources consulted, the criminal charges against scientists.

"It is important to note that other characteristic and consistent particles were discovered and analyzed, even though they were not reported," the judges explained in connection with a study submitted to the federal judge in March 2018, replacing Gustavo Villanueva.

"Section 7.1.4 of the reference standard used for the study shows that the consistent particles are those that may be related to the image," adds Moldes.

Experts from Salt believe that the DCM group in the chapters accompanying the attachment (with raw data) did not report particulates in Nahuel, and even recorded a small number of those found in Jones Huala and González.

Judge Moldes, in his resolution, also confirms the abundant presence of crowded remains in the clothes of Mapuches discovered in new studies.

"CM's technical report does not indicate those particles that may contain a combination of two of the three elements sought (Sb, Ba); (Pb, Sb) and (Pb, Ba), nor those that may contain (Ba, AI), nor those , containing (Ba, Si, Ca). The study does not take into account particles coming from unleaded samples, "says the document SIM.

Well, it shows that it's there incompatibility in the Bariloche report. This means that nitrate particles of barium, antimony and lead have not been mentioned.

DCM analyzed 52 samples corresponding to 11 individuals. Three of them were civilians and eight members of the Albatros group.

This newspaper confirmed that Judge Villanueva already remembered ethical deficiency Barilochenses and he analyzed what judicial measures could be important.

However, at the end of last November, Judge Moldes took the case back into his own hands. It's a fact very seriously, Scientists have discovered particles but have not reported them, but now Salta's analysis and the national gendarmerie confirm the presence of dust particles, "said Fernando Soto, Legal Adviser to the Ministry of Security, led by Patricia Bullrich.

Director of DCM is dr. Adriana Serquis, known for her adhesion to kirnerism. He named Macrie's government on his Facebook "Dictation". Clarín tried to communicate with the authorities of the Atomic Center. There were no answers.


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