Sales of cars fell by 50% compared to last January


Patents of 0 km recorded a 47% drop in relation to this level in January last year. According to the concessionaires, the month will end with 65,000 units sold, and in the first month of 2018, 120,558 units were registered.

"We are selling half of the cars that were a year ago," the head of the leading sales center for the √Āmbito Financiero newspaper said. In this respect, the publication of these funds explains: "It should be noted that January 2018 was the best start of a year of historical reason why the comparison is more difficult, but in addition, current demand is among the lowest in recent years."

Except for 57,771 patented units, as soon as it is in office. T Mauricio Macri in 2016 this will be the worst January in recent years for the sector. At that time, the activity was almost paralyzed by the lack of dollars at the end of Kirchner's administration.

The rise in prices in the second half of 2018, due to the jump in the dollar since the end of April, is a decisive factor for this new market collapse. In January, general brands introduced new increases between 2% and 6%. This should add to the growth of interest rates and general economic uncertainty, which discourages indebtedness. Half of the car purchases go through quotas either with traditional financing or with previous savings plans.


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