Sabrina Rojas has shown that she was abused when she was six years old


Sabrina Rojas was invited PH: We can talkAndy Kusnetzoff on the screen Telefe. When the numbers that attended the cycle participated in the "Pick-up" segment, the player made a step ahead of the driver's question: "Have you ever suffered from harassment?"

At that moment, Luciana Castra's wife began to reveal the sad fact of her past, which her family did not even know. "When I was six years old, I had a situation with my neighbor, we were three friends from the neighborhood, he invited us to his house, He made us know that we saw him with a long look and supported us. At that moment, it seemed unpleasant, but I did not understand that I was a girl. Then, over the years, I understood better, "he said.

"I never told you that it was a bit uncomfortable, I blocked it and when I was older I talked with my friends, Luciano (Castro) told me," why did not you tell your brothers? "And the truth was that for many years, I do not know if a person is alive, and I did not want them to feel bad, I wanted to worry about them, they are now revealing," he explained.

The actress remarked that many women went through similar situations, but explained that it is difficult for victims to talk about it. "We recently talked to friends and, of the eight of us, seven of us were abusive. Today we can conclude that these facts are not right, "he said.


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