Rulo Schijman was a lapidary with Andy Kusnetzoff and joined the board of CQC


Rulo Schijman and his partner Gabrielo Sari Credit: File

When it's a couple of days ago

Daniel Malnatti


Mario Pergolini

they spoke
in TN Central, no one thought this friendly crossing would open a new chapter in the CQC war. As part of this program and in a joke, Malnatti asked his former boss: "Why


and you are millionaires? You, because you are a genius, are a different type. Andy, I do not know. "The comment aroused the old wound, because, as is well known, Pergolini was not under the best conditions with Kusnetzoff.

From there a parade of journalists took place
CQC commented on his passage through this cycle. Nacho Goano, current columnist for
Blessed, He said: "I think that Andy and Mario have achieved a strong and valid economic position and very strong for their merits." They do not have the millionaires on this list, I do not know if Pelado Lopez has made so much money, but he has a fairly strong economic position. Tognetti also received a lot of money. Juan Di Natale, interviewed in
Intruders, he thought that all the "exchange of antiquity had little meaning".

Much less diplomatic and determined to shoot thick ammunition, Kusnetzoff himself: "I left many of my best years
CQC. How ungrateful, chabón, I gave you the best. Let the rest grow, what worries you, what worries you so much. Then I met him on the radio door and okay, that's half of the fakes. He says he told me this before, but he never told me anything.

Now, at the competition, another vote was added that Darian "Rulo"


, one of the last stage finalists
CQC, between 2012 and 2013. Again on the ground
Intruders As a frame, Rula joined Pergolini and revealed the disappointment he suffered when he met Andy: "One day I met him at the event and he began to complain to me because he apologized to Cayetan, who apparently could not defend himself, for the joke we made
CQC. Skinny, I do not know you. This is the first time you see me
CQC, the program you made successful, give me a comment, or put me in good vibrations (.) Every time I crossed it, I threw a bad wave. Then I understood everything. In part, I think that the continuation that the program had later was not what it expected. Or he had problems and felt that the cycle should end. "

It all seems to be in the core of the old one
CQC, there are still old differences that you would never be able to bring,
Will new voices be added in the coming days?


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