Reasons why Marcelo Gallardo ended before the pre-season of the Punta del Este – 01/09/2019


"When Gallardo sees how these fields are …"

Mario Quinteros, photographer Clarin sent to Punta del Este to cover the pre-season, she commented on this remark on Sunday after she made the footage of the Punta del Este club before the arrival of a millionaire delegation. There, the Muñeca team was dealing with football practice. In the end, there was a forecast. Since the coaching staff of these gaming fields is not in the desired state, The river will return to Buenos Aires sooner than expected. He will return on Friday and return to Uruguay next Tuesday to play a friendly match against Nacional.

Gallardo with the ball. He knows that it is crucial to football his men (Rafael Mario Quinteros / Special Envoy).

Gallardo with the ball. He knows that it is crucial to football his men (Rafael Mario Quinteros / Special Envoy).

The voice that was close to the campus yesterday accelerated this option Clarín. Option that was later confirmed. After a meeting between members of the technical staff of the river, Marcelo Gallardo decided to cut down the work here in Punta del Este. Through the professional football manager of the club, he was forwarded to representatives of Torneos, who organized a pre-season gathering.

The reasons for the decision are strictly football, as the millionaire bunker said in a newspaper. It is a matter of having a holiday later, after playing the club world cup and near the official first performance (on Saturday 19, in defense and justice, in Monumental), shortened. So, Gallardo pretended to have some football practices on the courts, as far as is possible to those of the official commitment. However, the courts on which they planned to carry out the tests were not in accordance with what they intended, in accordance with the assessment of the expert staff. They were the club of Punta del Este, in the neighborhood of Beverly Hills, located approximately 15 minutes from Solanas, a resort where the river resides, but far from the luxury of the Los Angeles County.

At first it was the idea of ​​the organizers to move the river to Miami. However, since the calendar was tight, they preferred to take a closer look at Núñez in Punta del Este, where Gallardo visited the summer of 2015 and 2016. Then delegations from the institution arrived in November and December to check the state of the infrastructure, also with kanchero. A member of this family trusted him Clarin that "courts have 6 points" and that they have left the promise of "8 points". However, they found that "there are 4 points" according to their position.

The club manager, Punta del Este, who requested the reservation of his name, has provided this newspaper that "the rain has made it difficult for us, but we worked and the courts were not so bad". And he pointed to Reka:I think that they could come in the same way, but because they come from Santiago Bernabéu and Abu Dhabi, they set a very high bar. They also asked them to work there and not give them because they were already booked for the river.

Anyway, the grass of two clubs of his club is quite damaged. With shrubs, several wells and corrugated in some sectors. Clarin He confirmed it with a visit on which he stepped on both playing fields (measures 105×70 and 103×65 meters).

The situation worsened, as in the last two weeks there were heavy rains in Punta del Este with heavy storms. On Sunday night and Monday, 100 millimeters of water fell in just 3 hours. And the grass grew. They demanded from the river that it was 1.8 and was at 2.5. After the rain, you have to wait for the grass to dry, because the machines can mark it and make it even more damaging.

The members of the river technical staff visited facilities on Monday and worried about returning. On Tuesday, the panorama was the same. They did not want to risk players who suffered any kind of injuries. I also do not expect that the courts can improve. Is this time modest and the forecast is not very encouraging. Today and Saturday we expect even more rain.

Muñeco is more than satisfied with physical tasks, but he misses football (Rafael Mario Quinteros / Special Envoy).

Muñeco is more than satisfied with physical tasks, but he misses football (Rafael Mario Quinteros / Special Envoy).

Then Gallardo changed direction and decided to return to Buenos Aires. Enzo Francescoli arrived at the Solanas complex and tried to persuade him to re-examine the situation. They even drove their car, and the manager later lunch with the delegation. But there was no case. The answer was that he needed a team to play football on the pitch in better conditions after a week of physical work. And they can not do this in Solanas because the only court has no regulatory measures (90×45 meters).

The experiment was made for Maldonado campus, but he was also hit during ragby Sevens and rains. For this match, Rijeka and Nacional are also involved Tuesday. They were also searched in Montevideo, but they are two hours of land-based travel. Returning to Buenos Aires in 45 minutes by air was more comfortable.

And this will be the river on Friday afternoon, for an exercise in the estate owned by the club in Ezeiza, during the weekend. He will take care of the costs of the charter and will return to that city early on Tuesday to play a night against Nacional. Unexpected return in shorter and shorter pre-season for the champions of America.

Punta del Este Special Envoy.


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