Raúl Lavie's emotional request to the theater followers after the death of his son


Leonardo was a musician and was sick for some time and died on Thursday afternoon at an Anchoren sanatorium where he was hospitalized, as he knew. Teleshow.

Lavie he traveled to Buenos Aires on Wednesday, he is doing it Cradle crazy in Mar del Plati, to accompany his son on a sick bed.

Pinky He was with him until the last moment. The legend of the location is for some time in a geriatric home, and a few months ago she was honored with the delivery of the radio Martin Fierro.

Raúl Lavie He decided to return to Mar del Plata, his son was still alive, and in the middle of his journey he learned of his death.

The production of the show warned that the musician will perform the show in honor of the son on Thursday evening. As you may have known Teleshow, He asked all members of his department that he did not want to receive any sympathy or greetings for the tremendous situation through which he went.

The contract included theater workers and the entire artistic part of the performance. Lavie was received on Thursday with "Light Raoul" and nothing more.

Show Cradle crazy, is integrated with Nito Artaza, Cecilia Milone and Juan Artaza, They also were very excited about what had happened and were very enthusiastic about the artist's attitude to the play, the performance in which the audience must laugh, and where he has to dress for his character.

He still hurts, he decided to continue with the old maxim of the world of entertainment that says this "the performance must continue", through personal tragedies, even if they include the worst of a child's death.


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