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Years ago, when the first viruses began to spread on a global scale, many of them were simple jokes in which a screen or funny expression appeared on the computer. It seems that we came back to those times when the Trojans did not just steal you. They also try to be funny without getting them. It's spreading over the Internet new software called PewCrypt that encodes your PC until the controversial YouTube PewDiePie reaches 100 million subscribers.

PewDiePie is the most popular youtuber on the Internet and also one of the most deserved money, because you are a social network. He has recently been involved in controversy for some jokes with racist connotations. It seems that among his followers it is a group of hackers who did not mean anything other than to create more ransomware where invite victims to subscribe to the channel PewDiePie on YouTube.

The last one is called PewCryptand what he does encrypting all PC files until PewDiePie reaches 100 million subscribers. Something that will never happen …

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, became famous worldwide with his videos, and commented on video games in a humorous tone. His fame spread out of the net and has appeared in a number of television programs and advertising events. In 2015, he admitted that he earned over $ 12 million a year with his channel on YouTube, and from there he increased …

Currently PewDiePie has 91,146,193 subscribers, so if you're unlucky enough to infect you ransomware PewCrypt, you will have to wait long enough to restore data until PewDiePie reaches 100 million subscribers.

More problematic, ransomware PewCrypt confirms that it will definitely delete all the files of infected computers if another YouTube channel, the T-Series, will reach 100 million subscribers before PewDiePie.

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Fortunately, it seems that the background of this trojan is a joke (if someone thinks it's fun to break your computer and encrypt your files), and it's simple. The security firm Emsisoft has created a tool that Disable PewCrypt ransomware and restore encrypted files. If you are infected, you can download it to their site.

30 years of Internet and continue without maturing.


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