Peugeot Rifter Long: more space, more versatility


A few months ago, the French company launched the Rifter, which replaced the previous partners. Now, the commercialization of the Peugeot Rifter Long, a version with an extended battle, more room for passengers in the second row and with more trunk, is starting. As with standard Rifter, Long Rifter is available with option 5 or 7 places, with five engines (3 diesel and 2 gasoline) and with a price that starts at 16,900 euros, including discounts.

Like the standard Peugeot Rifter, the Long version can also be equipped with 5 or 7 individual seats.

During the presentation in the summer of 2018, our editor, Joan Dalmau, took the opportunity to make the videopruebo, and not only this, but also achieved a comparative comparison between the new Peugeot Rifter and Citro├źn Berlingo, his cousin, sharing it with most parts, except for the body and the interior.

These were standard versions and now we get a longer and better steering wheel of the Long wheel. Peugeot Rifter Long reaches up to 4.75 meters, so that it is 35 centimeters longer than normal, and its wheelbase reaches up to 2.97 meters (+19 cm) more space for passengers in the second row.

The second type is very spacious and the seats are sliding. In the third row there are comfortable seats, but the position of the feet is not so natural to be higher.

Unlike standard Rifter, Long version offers a sliding rear bench so that we can move backwards to gain room for the legs of the passengers of the second row or further to increase the hull capacity. As in the usual Rifter, it also offers three individual seats, as well as two additional seats on the third row They also offer decent comfort.

The second type offers plenty of room for installation three adults with sufficient comfort. The three individual seats are comfortable, although the backrest is a bit straight. The legroom is very generous, as well as the one that is available for the head to the ceiling. In the third line, we lose a lot of comfort, but we can use it. They are placed in a higher position and the position adopted is not so natural, and for sporadic cases it must be acknowledged that they can be fully utilized.

The Rifter Long modularity is undoubtedly as in its sleeve. The luggage space ranges from 209 liters with seven seats to a total of 4,000 liters.

Rifter Long Luggage Capacity from 209 liters with seven seats, distributed to 4,000 liters if we also pushed the front passenger seat. Seats can be removed if they are not needed, although they can also be shot. Those in the second row are aligned with the ground, and those in the third row do not. Another advantage is that Long Rifter It allows transportation up to a length of 3.05 meters.

It also highlights a large tailgate and very small loading mouth this will help us burden harder packages with more comfort. Also, the rear window can be opened separately for easier access to the trunk, without having to open all the doors.

Otherwise, both versions are the same. Aesthetics can be recognized on the basis of the current design language of the brand and some special features, such as a raised lid, short overhangs and side protective battens.

The side door is sliding, which makes children, for example, more comfortable.

With the interior, with the launch of Rifter, significant quality and comfort on the board have greatly improved. Both Rifter and Rifter Long include driving position Peugeot i-Cockpit, where the flyer exits, both for its lower part and for the upper, and for the elevated measuring device, which is checked on the same steering wheel. For most drivers this is a very valid solution, but in my case, I can not find an optimal driving position where I feel comfortable and see the entire dashboard.

Compared to the previous partner, the level of materials has improved and even the adjustment of the various elements that make up the interior. Now, Rifter has a lot more cars in this sense, and this feeling of sitting in a passenger van is abandoned. You could say it is now a real alternative to the van of all life.

The driving position is the so-called Peugeot i-cockpit, with a small and flattened steering wheel, both above and below, as well as with instruments that are checked over it.

Also has the latest technical advancements and equipment the French company adds to its latest models. For example, it has the same driving aids and connectivity as the Peugeot 3008. It is assumed to include a screen for an 8-inch infotainment system, with navigation, audio, bluetooth, connectivity with our smartphone, wireless induction charger or panoramic glass roof, among many other options.

As for tires, with all versions 16 inches with the exception of the end of the GT Line, a more sporty and Aoraki-type choice for measuring 17 inches.

Depending on the level of equipment selected, it also has an electric parking brake, speed controller with speed and distance maintenance with the previous vehicle, the system from identification of traffic signals, a warning about an involuntary change in the belt, active safety brake in the event of a collision, it can stop the vehicle.

3 diesel and 2 petrol

The diesel version 75 is available only for the base surface. For the rest are two diesel and two gasoline from 100 to 130 KM.

According to the data presented by the brand itself, the "blend" among customers who opt for diesel or gasoline versions was so far higher in diesel-powered models. The difference that is slightly decreasing and which may end with the "fear" of diesel.

The mechanical supply consists of the same engines as the conventional Rifter. That is: two PureTech petrol engines 110 and 130 hp in three BlueHDi diesel engines 75 (only for the completion of basic access), 100 and 130 CVs. Everything can be connected to 5 or 6-stop. Manual transmission BlueHDi 130 is also available 8 ratio automatic transmission EAT8 as the name suggests.

Advanced Grip Control is available as an option with various programs to improve motor skills in adverse conditions. Standard includes M + S tires.

The Rifter Long adventure approach is used Advanced Grip Control system available as an option. The front-wheel drive system can improve vehicle motility on the basis of pre-defined programs, which can be selected using the keypad located next to the center console. All models with advanced Grip Control standard Tires Michelin Latitude Tour Mud & Snow Suitable for snowboarding without chains. This system works on the bicycle slip and works together with Fall Control to maintain optimum speed on steep slopes.

Behind the wheel, the Long version retains the good work of the standard version, which shows good agility despite a significant increase in size and battle. Due to the soft configuration of the suspension, this is a very suitable vehicle for traveling with family and well-loaded (we tested it with 4 passengers and trunks) with a fairly good level of comfort.

I only tried the diesel version of 130 hp, which is probably the best option in terms of good performance and higher torque compared to stronger petrol.

It offers good guidance in general Some information is missing in the steering wheel about what's happening under our front wheels. This is a model that takes things slowly, It is high, rather soft springs and swinging curves are slightly accused. On highways it behaves like a charm, although internal sound insulation at high speeds would be better resolved.

As for the engine, we tested 130 hp diesel engine with automatic transmission and the truth is that it responds very well. 8-speed steering is good, the gears are smooth and the engine is detected as quite full of floor and half. If we often travel, this is undoubtedly the choice of a higher torque compared with petrol.

Peugeot Rifter brand Tinkervan

Thanks to Tinkervan, Rifter Long can be converted into a camper with a table, a bed, a refrigerator …

Peugeot raises the options of Rifter Long thanks to working with Tinkervan, specializing in champions' versionsr. The Peugeot Rifter company Tinkervan offers new features such as a free choice of body color, a type of upholstery and a number of customization options. Best of all, Tinkervan Rifter is quite discreet In the case of a folded roof, differences in the conventional Long Rifter are difficult to notice.

Versatility is one of the advantages of this preparation that you can order when you buy a car or even after it. Within a few minutes, it goes from a five-seat tour to a fully equipped motorhome a bed in the luggage compartment and rear seats, and a living room with a fold-out table and swivel seats. He also has it refrigerator and from viscoelastic bed. Luxury The cost of this transformation is around 5,000 euros.


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