Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña remembered their daughters Blanquite with very touched texts and photos!


Pampita is one of the most beautiful, charismatic and beloved women in Argentina, but in her time in Bailando por un sueño 2018 she has shown that she also has a very strong character and can not tolerate anyone to ask her, in fact, when she is Who dared to oppose the cameras a quick model was responsible for responding with a combination of irony, a sense of humor and a lot of shade.

This special way of behavior was confirmed when he gave a lengthy interview where he spoke of everything from his time in Marcelo Tinelli's cycle to his relationship with Benjamin Vicuña, the Chilean father of his four children, of whom he is currently separated: "Este" of the year I went through everything: dreams, illusions, failure, beginning again, other opportunities, I'm now finishing a happy year.

The young woman added that her position on television was clear: "It's nice to have reached the bottom and come back … It was frustrating, it was a frustrating program that I dreamed and it did not work." You have to do something else, go the other way. "Everything is useful, and mistakes serve even more because you know why you do not want to go back.

He also spoke about his former partner, Benjamin Vicuni: "I never refer to anything that is related to his personal or professional life, I am very respectful, I do not participate in any subject. He is the father of my children. We respect each other and we share our children's upbringing, we understand ourselves as we must … I do not want to talk because they get titles that I do not respect from respecting him. The truth is, we do a very good child-raising team. I never think of my father's father I do not believe that I do not like that the media can do something that affects my relationship with him as a father of boys … I do not know what you are imagining, but I do not want to explain, because I do not want to record about Benjamin because I very respectful to him: He has his career, his own things, only he can talk about his things. He does not belong to me.

In the meantime, a young woman enjoys a well deserved vacation in Punta del Este and is, of course, the top of all magazines thanks to the infamous production that she makes on the beach, bragging about her body, which is that she does not forget the great pain in his life, the death of his daughter Blanquite : It's good to know that the girl died on September 8, 2012, and since then her parents have been remembering eight times each day with moving texts and photographs. In this example, the sample presented Instagram's image of a bouquet of white roses, while Benjamín Vicuña chose a photo on which the child is seen along with the text: "Baila, me niña".


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