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New Space Race: The Battle for the Colonization of the Moon and Mars

The world has been going on for a decade new world order: China is emerging with increasing power, Russia has gained the status of a superpower, the US is showing signs of weakness, and private companies show an increase in capital. Balancing forces leads us to a world of three superpowers and a scattered, but increasingly powerful group of billionaires who oversee the business structure and capital.

North American Space Program

This scenario was fundamental to the revival of the space race that died from hunger and was reduced to museums. If the United States did not send a human from the orbit of the United States since 1972, museums have been fired from space ships in 2010, in the summer of 2017, Mike Pence, vice president of the United States, announced that NASA I would send the astronauts back to the moon, but this time as an intermediate stop for Mars. The new space race just set the target line, Mars.

Luis Gonzalo Segura, an extensive Spanish army.

"In this race we do not know exactly where the competitors are, although many analysts say China is a leader."

Luis Gonzalo Segura, an extensive Spanish army.

Without the emerging China and the restored Russia, the space race would be reduced to the production of unmanned aerial vehicles. Proof of this is X-37B, space drone Of this, it was presumed that the weapon to be used from the universe, which measures almost 9 meters long and 3 high, weighs approximately 5 tons. Figures that are in contrast to 38 meters long, 18 high and 105 tonnes of old spaceships. X-37B, unlike the old ferries that transported from 5 to 7 people, without crew.

In this race we do not know exactly where the competitors are, although many analysts say that China has the advantage. However, the step made by Chang's 4 probe on January 3, when it first landed on the dark side of the moon for the first time, can only be cataloged as an unprecedented milestone and a major step toward the conquest of the universe. . And for humanity.

The Chang program

The fourth probe of Chang's program, named in honor of the goddess, set by Chinese mythology as a resident of the Earth's satellite, continues the path marked by the first orbital probe launched in 2007 by China.

Chang & apos; 4, with a reconnaissance vehicle, will prepare the arrival of mission crews to 2036 with field mapping, knowledge of mineral composition and surface structure, and neutron and neutral atom radiation measurements. Therefore, if the United States, as its goal, lived on the Moon to reach Mars, China at the moment when it proposes only the settlement of Chang's area.

A complex situation in Russia

The Soviet Union did not win first to reach the moon, but, according to a large number of analysts, it won the space race. Sputnik, Laika, Gagarin or MIR there are four great Soviet sights that gave him the final victory in the space race. Such is the case that the International Space Station (ISS) would not be possible without Russian knowledge. For this reason and for the recovery of its status as a world power, Russia is also one of the countries revitalizes its spatial abilities and desires.

Less than a year ago, in April 2018, Vladimir Putin, despite international sanctions, assured Russia that it would send a cosmonaut to the moon around 2030 and confirm the future completion of the new ferry. Federatsiathe construction of a controlled missile Flights to the Moon and construction a new cosmodrome 700 square kilometers in Amur, near the border with China. This was not a new initiative, since it was announced in 2015 that Russia is continuing the space race.

In addition, it shares with other countries (Canada, Japan, the United States or the European Union) the development of an international station in the orbit of the Moon, which will later land on poles and build living colonization modules. The first module would be launched in 2022. However, it remains to be seen whether Russia, the West and the escalation of the war can break Russia's an independent space program or even connect with the Chinese program. Today, China It seems like more reliable and friendly partner like a toilet

Private companies

However, since the capitalist world has worn borders and blurred national states, a large number of analysts tend to attach priority to space initiatives to private initiatives. This is not surprising given that in 2016 up to five companies had enough capital to be among the twenty most powerful countries in the world.

Luis Gonzalo Segura, an extensive Spanish army.

"Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson spend a lot of money for the development of space tourism and the acquisition of income from settlements on the Moon or on Mars."

Luis Gonzalo Segura, an extensive Spanish army.

In this context, also billionaires and large companies compete in the space race. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson spend considerable sums of money for the development of space tourism and the acquisition of human income from the settlement on the Moon or on Mars. And this is not a joke because it is the world's most powerful rocket, Falcon Heavy, owned by a private company (SpaceX).

The first goal for private entrepreneurs is to reduce the cost of traveling to space by building reusable orbital missiles. So much Blue source as SpaceX o Virgin Galactic They are struggling to make the most of the space and then to overcome it. The first thing is that space travelers will expand and evaluate in order to move forward without losing sight of a lucrative partnership with governments like the United States.

Perhaps, although at the moment there are all projections and intuitions, the minerals and water that exist on the Moon and Mars will be a great dynamics of the space race. Thus, there are few who assume that the first spatial inhabitants will be employed in mining companies. Something that has been speculating for years with great intensity and triggered a small "golden fever".

We do not live on the Moon or Mars, but we want to exhaust them and make them profitable. That would be almost impossible to predictwhich country / countries or corporations / corporations will win or win this race or any country / state or corporation / corporation will colonize or they will colonize the Moon or Mars, but it is not very complex to guess what the end of our satellite, the red planet, and any place we can reach.

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