New Boca, born in 2019


2019 will see the birth of the new Boka. At least this is the intention of President Daniel Angelica, who wants to start his last year, as soon as possible to leave the disappointment that left the Copa Libertadores finally lost the river.

An eye that can still be with Guillermo Barroso Schelotto, as long as you accept a few new conditions set by the boss. This would mean changing some of the daily issues and accepting a joint work with a manager who will come to the club.

For this new position, for which Angelica considers it necessary, the names Alejandro Sabella and Nicolasa Burdisso. However, the former coach of Estudiantes de La Plata and Argentina have already lowered their thumbs.

In the event that Guillermo does not accept his stay, the directive already replaces other options because he wants to end 2018 with a new closed coach. Although the list of names grows day by day, only three would actually confirm the directive: Heinze, Mohamed and Palermo.

There is also a pending conversation with Juan Román Riquelme in which he will offer Angelics a contribution to the club from a place he considers to be an idol convenient; even if it is only one recommendation for both the trainer and the managers.

Confirmed and lost Cardona, Lamps and Heinze; there is already a certain date for preseason, regardless of the trainer, and it will begin 1 January 2019.


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