Saturday , July 24 2021

Natty Natasha was surprised by her distinctive décolleté

Natty Natasha He left his fans breathless after he posted a preview of his next album on his Instagram account. Look at the picture!

Dominican singer Natty Natasha she is a pure sensuality and has once again shown her in her social networks with an explosive photo, in which she shows a huge décolleté.

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The reggaeton diva, which lies on what looks like a bed, and an animal-printed outfit from which only a sleeve is visible, managed to take the breath of her fans so that she showed her charms.

Translator Well, Mala Yo He posted a hot clip on his Instagram profile, which has nearly 11 million followers, who instantly agitated their fans, who soon filled up a complimentary publication.

Although there are stands Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista accustomed to such "high-voltage" photographs, they have again filled up a place of compliments such as "Diosa", "Reina", "Hermosa" or "Maravillos", which makes it clear that they like to see a nice singer on her plate more enticing

On the other hand, the reggaetonera will start with its next album IlumiNatti, which will be released on February 15th and comes with 17 songs, of which we already know something like me or anyone knows.

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In addition, the album will come with some surprises as two collaborations with two great artists: Soy Mio, Kany Garcío, told Natty Natasha a few days ago, and I told you, with the Brazilian Anitto.

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