Natti Natasha's natural bikinis to light Instagram (photos)


Natty Natasha is one of the Latin artists who enjoys the exchange of social networks with his routine with the millions of followers he has. Recently, I repeated this and told me how the season is taking place on a beach in the world where he decided to use the skin, because he was extremely white in his words. I also wore a completely washed look and the fans reacted immediately.

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He recently showed again that Dominican blood is flowing through the veins because in a video he shared in his official report Instagram he appeared on the stage of one of his performances, dancing in the bachate rhythm. 32-year-old Baby moved her body into the rhythm of the first bachata.Who knows"in the concert center Belascofrom the city Angels, United States.

In it, the artist wore a daring dress of purple latex, which revealed her curves and the expert who dances this genre that originates from her island. Who knows if there is another bachater than me! I do not believe! He wrote a reggaetn diva on the site, which has reached over 2 million reproductions and thousands of comments from fans who fell in love with their movements.

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On the other hand, the woman is most visible in YouTube He ensured that he enjoyed this show because of the warmth of the audience, who sang much of his songs with great energy. When you sing in a club to balad, it means that we are more than connected with friends, which enable us to eat them! Thank you. I'll see you soon, we're talking on the networks.


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