NASA reports on Hubble telescope defects


NASA explores Wednesday a damage described in the wide-angle Hubble Space Telescope Camera.

This is the camera 3 which has interrupted its operation due to hardware problems, the space agency reported.

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Despite the breakup, Hubble "he will continue to carry out scientific observations with his other three active instruments"It was provided by NASA.

This wide-screen camera was installed during the Space Telescope mission in 2009 and is equipped with redundant electronic devices if needed to restore the instrument.

Hubble Space Telescope, in orbit on Shuttle Discovery mission on April 25, 1990, was the first orbital observatory in history.

It has 11.1 tons of mass, 13.3 meters in length and has a primary mirror with a diameter of 2.4 meters.

Hubble, who has never seen space picturesplans to extend his term of office at least until 2021.


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