Mouth and star in the "dean" calendar


Atl├ętico knows that he will get gymnastics between January 25 and 28, but he still does not know when to visit Boca, one of the many suspended games that the Superliga has. Will it be in February?

First it seemed to be in January. Is this yesterday, the Super League announced that there will be some games that could not be played in this semester. The tournament will be the highest in this month, even if it is the one that is always connected to the preseason.

The river will receive defense (until date 8) on Saturday 19 and Union (date 12). 23 San Lorenzo and Hurricane (13) will play 20. Especially at the match between "Xeneize" and "Dean" after the date 15, which should to play the previous Sunday, Superleague said that after the 2018 calendar Copa Libertadores raffled (this will be Monday), it will determine the day and schedule.

With this scenario, cup and other games that were suspended, mid-January, there was no crazy match between Atl├ętico and Boco. But from the leadership sent silence to those who go on vacation and want to be exceptional, but can not enter the public visitor. "We'll definitely play in February," they said. The next week will be confirmed.


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