Millionaire Tim Draper puts on President Macrie: "You have to change the beet with bitcoin"


Draper advised the Argentine President to legalize Bitcoin to transform the country, attract entrepreneurs, and avoid talent for economic reasons. ***

Tim Draper, a well-known venture capitalist and investor, met with Mauricio Macri on Wednesday in Argentina and said that if the Argentine peso revalues ​​more than the Argentine peso, Bitcoin, he doubles his investment in the country, but if, on the contrary, the crypto-currency is revalued more than the national currency, Macri must replace the Argentine peso for Bitcoin

I said that bitcoin will cost 250,000 dollars between 2022 and 2023. And I believe. This means that Bitcoin will have 5% of the market of all fiat currencies in the world. This will surely happen because people will be bitcoin as soon as you can use bitcoins like pizza or dollar, because it is decentralized and open, frictionless and global. This is a large coin, while the peso, like other currencies, is tied to what the government is doing.

A celebrity, aged 60, visited the southern country to participate as a special guest at the annual meeting of its members Draper Venture Network (DVN) in Buenos Aires, the organizer of which is the Argentinean fund Draper Cygnus, is part of this organization.

Tips for Macri

In fact, Draper advised the Argentine president to legalize him Bitcoin to transform the country, to attract entrepreneurs and to avoid a brain drain due to economic conditions.

"We talked about bitcoins and devaluation of beets, and I suggested a bet: if the peso was worth more than bitcoin, I would double the investment I make in the country, and if bitcoin gets more value than a peso, it must declare bitcoin the national currency. was an excellent solution because there is no confidence in the currency, Draper confirmed to the audience top from Fintech + Blockchain, What? Draper Cygnus the second day of the investor's visit to the room Ministry of Production.

Similarly, in an interview conducted by the newspaper PeopleDraper argued why he believes in this Bitcoin in Blockchain are a revolution that is even greater than the one that the Internet was then.

It's really a good time for entrepreneurs in Argentina because of the crisis. It's time for those who are heroes to appear. The country has some of the best entrepreneurs.

Who is Tim Draper and what attracts him from Argentina?

Tim Draper is an entrepreneur who met with investing in businesses Hotmail, Skype in Tesla Motors, which has reached a network of funds that manages 2,000 million USD.

At present, Argentina has invested around USD 3 million in companies in that country Alxerion, Skyloom in Stamm.

I am interested in everything that is Bitcoin and related technologies, such as Blockchain, smart contracts, payment channel networks, and open nodes. These technologies allow for complete changes in banking, commerce and financial systems, which are also influenced by large data; and with this technology comes deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Draper is known for having a lot of vision to find profitable investment opportunities.

In the same way, and although sometimes their opinions do not seem to be very objective, no one is surprised at the belief that they have Bitcoin and basic technology, t Blockchain. Actually, it claims Bitcoin for year 2022 it can be listed in a maximum of $ 250,000 per unit.

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